I have come across some plane and some links to some great plans on the web on various forums.This page is dedicated to sharing  those plans and links with you.

Here are some links to places to find free plans

For .0005" Vapor covering.

1) Click on the Vapor!

2) Click film. 

3) Click .0005

For Vapor batteries click on the battery!
For usb battery charger foe MCX/Vapor style batteries,click the charger!

For MCX and MSR hopp upps click on the heli!

Here are some micro plans
MiniFinn.zip MiniFinn.zip
Size : 0.089 Kb
Type : zip
geebee_profile.zip geebee_profile.zip
Size : 0.722 Kb
Type : zip
sopwith_triplane.zip sopwith_triplane.zip
Size : 0.144 Kb
Type : zip
flying_aces_stick.zip flying_aces_stick.zip
Size : 0.14 Kb
Type : zip
MicroMoth.zip MicroMoth.zip
Size : 0.196 Kb
Type : zip
holicek_pzl.zip holicek_pzl.zip
Size : 0.152 Kb
Type : zip
P47.zip P47.zip
Size : 2874.782 Kb
Type : zip
B25J Mitchell Boxed Fuse version.zip B25J Mitchell Boxed Fuse version.zip
Size : 861.182 Kb
Type : zip
Masserschmit BF109.zip Masserschmit BF109.zip
Size : 633.119 Kb
Type : zip
B17G Flying Fortress (56inch WS).zip B17G Flying Fortress (56inch WS).zip
Size : 268.1 Kb
Type : zip
UM Dwarf-Tiled.pdf UM Dwarf-Tiled.pdf
Size : 200.983 Kb
Type : pdf
UM UglyStik-Tiled.pdf UM UglyStik-Tiled.pdf
Size : 122.219 Kb
Type : pdf
UM Kaos-Trim Patterns.pdf UM Kaos-Trim Patterns.pdf
Size : 5.577 Kb
Type : pdf
UM Kaos-Tiled.pdf UM Kaos-Tiled.pdf
Size : 136.199 Kb
Type : pdf
At our last NIMA club meeting, we discussed storage of lithium 
batteries. I found the following article online, that has great info on
this subject;

RCU Review: Greg Covey's Amp'd Issue 14: Storing Lithium for Longevity!

Good Find Jim

Extreme modeler Young C. Park has constructed an all aluminum scale F4U and a P51. Click on the picture to go to the site it is amazing! 

The Miniature Engineering Museum Collection of Internal Combustion Engines

Click on the engine


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